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General information

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Pricing policy

PROCURE takes all the necessary actions to ensure that the prices displayed on the Website are accurate. However, the products offered on this Website, their prices and their availability may differ depending on the number of current orders and manufacturing delays.

The prices and the availability of products may change without notice. Although PROCURE strives to avoid errors on the Website, misprints, illustration or price errors may occur. In such instances, PROCURE reserves the right to make any required correction and will not be held liable for such errors.

All the prices displayed on the Website are expressed in Canadian currency and unless indications to the contrary, delivery charges and applicable taxes are not included (GST, QST, PST or TVH).

Links with other websites

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Liability disclaimer

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PROCURE, its officers, directors, employees or agents make no representation or offer no guarantee regarding the reliability of the information on this Website and disclaim all liability regarding any damage or injury a User may incur resulting from the use of such information. By way of consequence, the User understands and recognizes that he/she must verify all information before making a decision with respect to the information provided on this Website.

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By visiting this Website, the User acknowledges and agrees that he/she does so at his/her own risk. Under no circumstance shall the PROCURE be held liable for any damage or prejudice that the User could incur while using this Website, including without limitation, the presence of any virus or similar destructive agent that may have infected the Website, regardless if PROCURE or could have had prior knowledge of such a risk.


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